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Guitar Capo Tips – How to Use a Capo

What is a Guitar Capo
Capo is short for capotasto, which means “head of fretboard” in Italian. A guitar capo is a clamp used on the neck of the guitar to shorten the playable length of the open strings

Music Space Episode 9 – Hybrid Picking with John Delany

LearnToPlayMusic.com presents Episode 9 of the Music Space webcast – the live Google Hangouts show. Our hosts Gary Isaacs and Sarah Petrusma, had special guest guitarist, John Delany on the show. We discussed the art of

Saxophone Notes – Free Sax Tutorial for Beginners

Playing Your First Saxophone Notes
One of the most important aspects learned in your first saxophone lessons is the ability to produce a strong, even tone. This largely depends on the position of the mouth and lips,

Music Space Episode 8 – Guitar Modes and Improvisation with Rob Pippan

LearnToPlayMusic.com presents Episode 8 of the Music Space webcast – the live Google+ Hangouts show. In today’s episode our special guest, Adelaide-based lead guitarist & music director, Rob Pippan, demonstrated some great lead guitar improvisation tips using guitar modes.

Guitar Arpeggios – Learn How to Play Guitar Chord Arpeggios

What are Guitar Arpeggios?
A guitar arpeggio is a playing technique where the notes of a chord are played one at a time, instead of being strummed together. The word comes from the Italian word arpeggiare, which means, “to play on a harp.”

Learn How to Hold a Ukulele – Ukulele Tutorial for Beginners

From “un-cool” to “very-in”, the ukulele (or “uke”) has come a long way in popularity over the past few years. Where once ukes may have been hard to find, now high quality ukuleles are